Grands Boulevards Throughout the Centuries

Who hasn’t strolled through the Grands Boulevards and enjoyed this vibrant area of Paris?  Numerous theatres, boutiques, and restaurants have lined this great avenue and brought life to this neighborhood for many years.  Thanks to Paris En Images, we can take a glimpse into the past life of this popular neighborhood.


Paris Commune (1871). Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin fire, 18 boulevard Saint-Martin. Paris, dated 28 May 1871. Photograph by Hippolyte Blancard (1843-1924). Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris.


The Porte Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), around 1900.


The Theatre du Gymnase, boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle. Paris (20th arr.), around 1900.  This theatre is still in operation. 


Boulevard Saint-Denis. Paris (10th arr.), around 1900.

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